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Herbal Oxygen Conservator

Made with Ancient Ayurveda 12 Medicinal Herbs for Oxygen Conservation

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Product Name: AMLAJANANI

Quantity:  90 Capsules


These capsules are formulated keeping in view of excess demand in heart, lung and respiratory diseases. Oxygen conservation is achieved first by prevention of oxidation of ventilated of oxygen, then in second place making it available enabling it’s carriers to reach 70+ Trillion Cells. It prevents formation of Tryglycerides, low density lipoproteins and keeps cardio, respiratory, nervous system healthy.


Helps in balancing blood pressure

Helps in reducing cholesterol

Helps in Thyroid Hormone balance

Helps in detox of Liver

Helps in increasing Lung capacity

Helps in keeping residual volume low

Helps in clearing Alveoli of lungs


1 Capsule thrice a day half an hour before meal.