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This Formula is a Big Boon to Mankind

To prevent, support, repair, rejuvenate  all kind of problems related to Bone, Bone Joints, Teeth, Teeth gum, Cancer & to boost Immunity

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Product Name:   Astikadantamrutam

Quantity:   500 grams


It is an instant formula that is engineered to produce desired compounds and molecules that have shortest biological half life, but so powerful in solving chronic problems like gum enamel fading away, discoloration of teeth, stains on teeth, weak gums, problems associated with gum root related etc.   This formula empowers your bones, in shortest span of time that you feel real strength in your bones and joints well lubricated and freedom in movements.  It helps in repairing and fresh formation of cartilage over the head of every bone that has motility.  Very helpful in the treatment of arthritis and osteo problems.

It restores acid alkali balance of body helping in solving chronic problems of metabolism like diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, cancer, arthritis, reproductive and urinary related problems.  Helps in restoring proper, liver, kidney and endocrine gland functioning.

The formula is also helps in preventing infections and diseases associated with bacterial, fungal and viral origin.

The formula boosts immunity and can be very supporting in the treatment of cancer related  problem.  It helps in balancing  hormonal system of pituitary, thyroid.


Repairs gums and enamel of teeth

Strengthens root canal of teeth

Sparkling teeth

For repairs and replacement of bone cartilage

Increase Bone Density

Perfect alkali balance to prevent tumors

Exhibits anti bacterial, fungal and viral activity


First dissolve two scoops appx. 10 gms in 150 ml  of hot water in large size cup of 350 to 500 ml to prevent over flowing due to excess frothing.  Wait until frothing is completely subside then add another 150 to 200 ml hot water and sip it hot, without gulping at once.  Drink only fresh and hot condition,   once cooled delayed more than ten minutes the effectiveness of nutrients is gone.

To above drink – add 1 to half scoop of Jirna rasa + one scoop of Herbal Spice tea for effective result


  1. Two to Three times a day,   2 scoops each time very helpful
  2.  In chronic cases like cancer or acute bone or teeth or teeth gum related problems five to six times a day –  2 scoops each time


  1. Start with 2 times a day, gradually increase to 3 times a day
  2. For those having chronic problems as mentioned above can go up to 4  –  6 times a day gradually.     Few people may  experience discomfort in stomach as dosage is increased, hence one should gradually increase dosage balancing stomach discomfort
  3. This should not be mixed with Somarasa or with any other macro or micro nutrient.  It should be a separate drink
  4. Ideal order,  start your day with taking  Astikadantamrutam, then immediately do oil pulling.  Give a gap of half an hour and then take Somarasa along with your regular drinks
  5. Whenever  Astikadantamrutam drink is taken during the day, it is suggested to do oil pulling after drink