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Medhamrutam Brain Booster Drink


Boosts Brain Performance with super attention , focus and concentration.

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Product Name:  Medhamrutam – Brain Booster Drink

Quantity:  200 gms


The modern lifestyle of student, housewife, working professionals etc involves work with brain not with body like in good olden days.

This puts enormous strain on hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands.   The brain research shows the decline in white and grey cell areas, the decrease in creases and depth of grooves in cortex areas, Indicating slowing down memory, concentration, attention and focus.

The hippo campus shows decline in posterior areas indicating poor spatial and creative abilities.

The increase in amygdale size shows uncontrollable negative emotions, feelings and spontaneous reactions.

This natural brain booster contains the best of Notropis that can address all above issues related to brain.

The product is highly recommended to see its immediate effect in performance.  One feels light in head and body like floating in the air.  It can be used for all brain disorders.


Boosts Brain Performance

For Excellent Nootropic

For focus and high concentration

For Super memory

For Super attention and healthy sleep

For Balance of Neurotransmitters

It can be used for all brain disorders


Half to one scoop in 200 ml boiling water two to three times a day.  Preferably before bedtime.

Can be added with Somarasa and any other beverages.